Designs launchingafterJuly 14, 2021, please referencethe latest release of Spark.

Spark Design System

Spark Design System is where we collect our best solutions for how to design and build unified digital experiences for the Rocket brands.

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Designer Basics

Get started with Design by reading the principles that we use in Spark Design System.

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Developer Basics

Learn how to install Spark’s npm packages into the build of your application. You’ll also find support for setting up Sass, React, Angular, and more.

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Explore the library of Spark components and supporting documentation, including design guidelines, code samples, and configuration options.

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Looking for our brand color palette, typography guidelines, element spacing, and other foundational style elements? Start here.

Decorative illustrations of pages.


CSS class utilities for overriding values, enhancing accessibility, theming, and more.

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News And Updates

Get the latest release notes and updates, as well as previous news and notes

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